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Welcome, everyone!

We are excited to begin a new section for the GMU Indoor Drumline -- the Alumni/Member page!

Indoor drumline is an activity that is much more than just playing clean beats... we become a family after enduring bus rides, rough rehearsals, and well-deserved wins from late Fall until mid-April. The purpose of this section is to keep alumni informed and included in the current season. We want to build a system of support for the current members who are feeling the same emotions, frustrations, and excitement that you once felt on the floor.

Members, we want to keep you in the know as well! One day you will play your last hit of the closer, too. We want you to remember those fulfilling moments, the stress and tears, and everything in between. Stay active with us so you can watch the next member build on the things you built from an alumni's work many years ago.

There will be more interactions between us in the future. For now, share this page with all the alumni you know! We would love to get your pictures posted on the George Mason Drumline Alumni Facebook page in order to build an extensive history portion of the website. Don't be afraid to reach out or talk to current members -- remember, we are all here thanks to one organization: The George Mason University Indoor Drumline.

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