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2017 Show Announcement

The George Mason University Indoor Drumline is proud to present their 2017 production "Time in a Bottle." Inspired musically by Jim Croce's work of the same name and visually by Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory,” this production will take the audience on an adventure that juxtaposes realism and surrealism.

Manipulating and skewing conventional relics of time, perspective will be forced and disbelief suspended. Traversing through aggressive syncopations and spacious ethereal pauses, Mason takes on a creative exploration of the oldest and most relentless force there is... time itself.

Source Material includes: "Je Te Veux" - Erik Satie "Time in a Bottle" - Jim Croce "Todo Tiende" - Ojos de Brujo with original compositions by Mike Bishop and Travis Peterman

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