The George Mason University Indoor Drumline (GMUID) was founded in the fall of 2007 by Dr. Michael Nickens and Chris Martin as an effort to expand the reach of the marching percussion activity and bring an independent, indoor percussion ensemble to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. 2009 marked the first competitive season for the GMUID and in its inaugural season, the drumline performed in WGI Percussion Independent Open (PIO) finals finishing 7th.

Since the GMUID’s first season, the ensemble has achieved consistent and measurable improvement in each competitive year. In 2012, GMUID won the WGI PIO World Championship with their program, “Go,” and very shortly after announced their self-promotion to WGI Independent World class for the 2013 season. With new excitement, enthusiasm, and a new design team, the GMUID performed at the 2013 WGI World Class finals, finishing in 8th place with a score of 92.25. 

The GMUID is now under the direction of Travis Peterman. The group has worked hard and made history in the 2019 season by earning a spot in WGI PIW finals three years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019).

2012 Go Trophy _edited.jpg

2009 AIA Percussion Independent Open Class Champions

2009 WGI Percussion Independent Open Class Finalist - 7th (88.4000)

2010 AIA Percussion Independent Open Class Champions

2010 WGI Percussion Independant Open Class Finalist - 5th (90.963)

2011 AIA Percussion Independent Open Class Champions

2011 WGI Percussion Independent Open Class Finalist - 4th (90.213)

2012 AIA Percussion Independent Open Class Champions (91.950)

2012 WGI Percussion Independent Open Class Champions (94.900)

2013 AIA Percussion Independent World Class Champions (89.175)

2013 WGI Percussion Independent World Class Finalist - 8th (92.25)

2017 WGI Percussion Independent World Class Finalist - 15th (87.025)

2018 AIA Percussion Independent World Class Champions

2018 WGI Percussion Independent World Class Finalist - 12th (90.363)

2019 AIA Percussion Independent World Class Champions

2019 WGI Percussion Independent World Class Finalist - 10th (90.875)

Scholarship Recipients

Seavine Cymbal Scholarship

WGI 2020 - Carley Belknap

WGI 2019 - Carley Belknap

WGI 2018 - Molly Gormley

DCI 2017 - Carley Belknap

DCI 2017 - Molly Gormley

WGI 2017 - Gabby Palao

WGI 2017 - Molly Gormley

DCI 2016 - Gabby Palao

WGI 2016 - Gabby Palao

WGI Scholarship

WGI 2019 - Kohei Akiba

Drumline Sponsors Include: